ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles

ECMA proudly presents the 4th edition of the ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles, the reference standard for cartonboard packaging designs and constructions.

This application is the first digital version of the “ECMA Code“. It allows users to explore and visualise the most commonly-used folding carton design styles and upload their own customised designs. It also provides a full explanation of the new coding system for carton design styles and provides access to other relevant industry reference standards.


After the previous editions in 1967, 1978 and 1992, the 2009 edition of the ECMA Code offers its users the following innovations:

  • The ECMA designs of 1992 have been completely revised and updated.
  • A new, 8-digit coding system has been developed allowing for more parameters to be included (a conversion table listing the old, 4 digit design codes with their corresponding new code number has been incorporated).
  • Drawing symbols for lines have been introduced and set-up methods are specified (manual, automatic or –a combination of- both)
  • Users of the system can view an animation of the folding sequence of the most commonly used ECMA design styles
  • The interactive interface allows them to browse and search the catalogue by type of carton and market segment.
  • All generic design drawings can be exported in a CAD-CAM-friendly format.
  • Additionally, users can conveniently upload their own specific carton designs into the application to customise the application to their own needs
  • At any point in the system, users can conveniently switch from one language to 5 others.
  • The application contains an electronic library of relevant carton related industry reference standards in pdf format.

These features and more make this electronic version of the standard an exceptional tool for promotional and educational purposes that should be part of the toolkit of any carton maker, packaging designer or product manager!

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Single user:
€ 200 for members of ECMA, € 400 for non members

5% discount (for 5 or more users)
10% discount (10 or more users)
20% discount (20 or more users)

To claim the ECMA member price, members have received a unique ‘Coupon Code.’
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How to obtain the ECMA Code?

All necessary information about the new ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles can be found on this page. From here you will be connected to the ECMA Code webshop hosted by ESDnow to which the protection, sales and distribution of the application has been outsourced. Visitors will have two options:

1. To download a 10 day free trial version of the ECMA Code to review the functionalities and benefits of the new electronic application. After 10 days, the trial version expires and users will have to purchase their activation code as described under 2. below.

2. To purchase a license via the secure on-line payment system of the webshop go to Once you have ordered and paid the Code (ECMA Members do not forget to enter your unique Coupon Code) you will receive an ‘Activation code’ from ESDnow that will allow you to open the application the first time after you have installed the application for the specified number of users in your company.

ECMA has outsourced the downloading, electronic transaction handling and customer service of the ECMA Code to ESDNow, a company specialised in the protection and sale of downloadable products. To order, download and activate the ECMA Code of Folding Carton Design Styles, visitors need . To order the application, secure registration as customer of ESDNow is required.