About ECMA

ECMA: The European Carton Makers Association

ECMA is the international network of folding carton organisations; carton businesses, national carton associations and suppliers to the carton industry.

ECMA provides the European folding carton industry with a dynamic business network.

With its seat in The Hague, The Netherlands, and an office in Brussels, ECMA represents 500 carton producers in nearly all countries in the European Economic Area. Around 70% of the total carton market volume in Europe, and a current workforce of about 45.000 people are represented in ECMA.

ECMA works to fulfill its mission for the benefit of member companies in a variety of functions. As part of the ECMA Roadmap 2015 presented on the occasion of ECMA’s 50th anniversary, the association launched an ambitious programme dedicated to supporting the healthy development of European carton makers, raising the profile and professionalism of the European carton industry, developing advanced international standards and best practices, and helping carton makers grow their international network and expertise.

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