Fiskeby Board AB

P.O. Box 1
SE-601 02 Norrköping
+46 11 15 57 00

Fiskeby has been manufacturing paper and board since 1637. Now as then, we are driven by our ambition to offer the highest quality in both products and customer contacts. Our products are manufactured from 100% recovered fibre, which is fully in line with modern requirements for a sustainable society.

Multiboard® is a range of strong, environment-friendly, value-for-money packaging boards that have been developed for creative, functional packaging solutions. Strong Nordic fibres make Multiboard one of the market’s strongest board qualities based on recovered fibre. You are invited to try our strength!

Fiskeby Board has a manufacturing facility in Fiskeby, Sweden Norrköping. The production capacity is 170,000 tonnes of board. We are one of a very few board manufacturers to have their own extruder to coat board with plastic. In 2010 a new solid fuel boiler was opened to generate energy. 

We are an independent company with sales offices in Norrköping, Copenhagen, Aylesbury, Ottobeuren and an agency in Warsaw. We have a strong owner in Fiskeby Holdings LLC, USA. Fiskeby has some 300 employees.