Business Seminar

ECMA Business Seminar 2019

The ECMA Business Seminar took place on Tuesday 18 June 2019 at the Hotel Pullman Brussels Centre Midi

During the Seminar we explored:

  • the Single-Use Plastics Directive;
  • the important functions and the recyclability of folding cartons
  • sustainable forest management
  • and the challenges of circular economy

The ECMA Business Seminar was especially targeted towards the people working in our industry with contacts to customers. How can we answer questions and what benefits of folding cartons can we promote? Participants learned: What are the developments? What are the facts and what are the myths? What is our industry position on circular economy? And what should we convey as our message, and how?

The presentations by:

  • Mr. Andreas Helbig, Chair of the Marketing & Communications Committee and ECMA Coated Board Forum
  • Mrs. Krassimira Kazashka, CITPA Director
  • Mr. Ulrich Leberle, Raw Materials Director CEPI
  • Mr. Ernst Krottendorfer, FH Campus Vienna
  • Mr. Xavier Noyon, PEFC Head of EU Affairs

have been made available to the seminar participants.