TICCIT - School's Education Programme

TICCITTICCIT (pronounced tick-it) is an educational programme that is all about trees, sustainability and the environment – and is incredibly worthwhile for you, your company, your community and the carton industry.

The programme (Trees Into Cartons, Cartons Into Trees) was launched by the Paperboard Packaging Council in America and has proved to be a great success, with over 100,000 children taking part in the programme to date. Following a trial run of the programme in the UK and the Netherlands, the TICCIT programme has now launched Europe-wide by Pro Carton.

The TICCIT programme involves teaching school children about trees, recycling and paper, then assisting each of them with planting a tree sapling inside a carton, which they then plant out at home. The current programme is aimed primarily at kids between the ages of 8 and 11.

The success of the TICCIT programme – and the benefit to your organisation – relies on member companies taking ownership of the programme by partnering with their local schools. We recommend that you appoint a TICCIT ambassador from your company who can take ownership of the programme for you. FREE support materials are available to you for download below:


TICCIT - childrenTICCIT Programme Guide – use this Guide in your initial conversations with your local school contacts – it contains comprehensive information regarding the TICCIT Programme, including “What is TICCIT”, “How do I get involved”, “What I need to get started”, “What will I teach” and full instructions for planting the saplings.

TICCIT Presentation – over 30 slides focussing on “The importance of trees”, “We use trees to make …”, “How paper is made” and “Paper Recycling”. This is your presentation so slides can be removed, modified or added to by you. Hidden notes are included to help the presenter explain the slides.

TICCIT Inserts – these one page inserts have been designed to simplify the administration of the TICCIT programme for you:

  • Poster
  • TICCIT - saplingsCarton Cutter Guide (if you wish to produce your own planters)
  • Make your own Planter (how kids can make a planter out of a used carton)
  • Sapling Aftercare Instructions
  • Optional Photo Consent Form

For additional help: ticcit@procarton.com or documentation in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish see https://www.procarton.com/sustainability/ticcit/

There is now also Teach TICCIT at home, for more information see: https://www.procarton.com/sustainability/ticcit/ticcit-at-home/