6 May 2020 | ECMA Webinar Sustainability Unboxed

On Wednesday 6 May the first ECMA Webinar took place with it's theme SUSTAINABILITY UNBOXED.

The following presenters gave their views around this topic:

  • MICHAEL STURGES of the ‘Research Institutes of Sweden’ offered an introduction to life cycle analysis and the ‘2019 Pro Carton Carbon Foodprint of Cartonboard Packaging Report’.

  • JENNI KÄRKKÄINEN of ‘AFRY Management Consulting‘  gave her views on the opportunities for plastic packaging replacement.

  • GREG SELFE of ‘Two Sides‘ talked about their work in promoting the sustainability of paper, paperboard and fibre packaging.

The presentions of this Webinar have been made available for the participants in the members only section of this website. In case you have difficulties accesing the members only section please send an email to mail@ecma.org.


The next ECMA Webinar is planned for 3 June 2020. More information on this will follow.