Discover Cartonville - by BPIF Cartons

Discover Cartonville - by BPIF Cartons
This virtual tour shows the life cycle of a typical folding carton. Select a field and see for yourself which steps it take to bring folding cartons from the forest to the supermarket. Learn how they are recycled and how the material is used for many of your favourite products and brands.

Cartonville is full of useful facts and even holds a few surprises. Cartonville is especially useful for children who want to learn more about folding cardboard boxes and the manufacturing and recycling process. But also for brand owners, designers and retail, this is a great educational tool.

Cartonville was launched at Packaging Innovations 2014 in Birmingham:


Note: Cartonville was developed by BPIF Cartons, the UK organisation for carton makers.