Duran Doğan Packaging received Silver Award for Environmental & Social Innovation category of EBRD’s 2020 Sustainability Awards

Duran Dogan Packaging, a Turkish manufacturer of premium packaging, wins the Silver Award in EBRD Sustainability Awards 2020’s Environmental & Social Innovation category for its innovative system "Gloss & Green" which produces fully recyclable cartonboard (and plastic products) that minimise waste and contribute to the circular economy.

Duran DoganTraditional metallic cartonboard packaging contains a plastic film overlay, but this is not recyclable and has a negative environmental impact. The Gloss & Green technology ensures that the cartonboard not only looks identical to the conventional premium packaging in terms of quality as well as visuals (brilliance and glossy effect), but also that the polyester film can be removed and recycled.

With the support of an EBRD senior secured loan of up to €2.4m, Duran Dogan has successfully changed its production process by adopting the Gloss & Green technology for metallic cardboard. On Duran Dogan's production site in Istanbul, machinery recycles and reuses the plastic waste generated by the Gloss & Green process. After transfer, the peel-off transparent films are melted down and transformed into pellets, then resold as raw material. The machine, operational in January 2020, will enable some 1,000 tonnes of plastic to be processed per year.

The Sustainability Awards recognise achievements in five specific categories: sustainable energy, climate resilience, environmental and social best practice, environmental and social innovation, and gender and economic inclusion. A total of 16 winners were chosen from 11 different countries for these five categories.


This no-foil metallization process, developed by Duran Dogan, gives to packaging an outstanding metallic or holographic aspect, with a perfect brilliance, whereas it is full environmentally-friendly: the material contains a very thin metallic layer and no plastic foil, it can thus be recycled as a traditional cardboard material.

For more information check https://www.ebrd.com/sustainability-awards.html

Published on 10 June 2020