ECMA and a broad alliance of the paper & board value chain submit cross industry paper on cellulose definition under the Single Use Plastics Directive

On the 17th April, an update was sent to ECMA Members regarding the recent European Commission workshop concerning the Single Use Plastics Directive (SUPD). The focus of this workshop was to issue guidance on how they will identify and describe the products that will fall into the scope of the SUPD.

ECMA have now partnered with CEPI, Pro Carton and other representatives of the paper and board value chain in signing a ‘Position Paper’ and ‘Covering Letter’ which was sent to the European Commission and their consultants, who are working on the SUPD. The main objective is to prevent cellulose being defined as a plastic under the SUP Directive…this would have far-reaching impacts on the whole value-chain.

Importantly, these documents demonstrate that the paper and converting sector are totally aligned and they send a strong message to the European Commission regarding our views on the latest direction the SUPD has taken.

Please download the documents submitted to the European Commission:

Published on 20 April 2020