ECMA Calls the European Commission to Action to Combat Late Payments

Further action needed to fight excessive and grossly unfair payments terms

For many years now our industry has to face increasing payment terms. To protect European businesses, particularly SMEs, against late payment, the EU adopted Directive 2011/7/EU on combating late payment in commercial transactions in February 2011 (Directive 2011/7/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 on combating late payment in commercial transactions. Although we appreciate the initiatives taken by the Commission to reduce these payment terms, so far the effect has been marginal.

Therefore, ECMA has expressed its concerns and calls on the European Commission to take further action to combat excessive payment terms, and especially those connected to the in our industry quite common tenders, which - to our opinion - violate the general rule of the Late Payment Directive.

On 25 June 2018 a letter was sent to the European Commission on behalf of the members of ECMA. A copy of this letter can be downloaded here

ECMA is there to support its member and to represent the general industry interests as the voice of the folding carton industry.