ECMA meets up with national associations

In February ECMA has joined a member meeting of APRA in Bucharest and a week later also a BPIF Cartons member meeting in Birmingham. On both occasions ECMA has explained what it is doing to support the industry on a European level and stressed the importance of working together.

The Association Development Committee was welcomed by APRA in Bucharest on the 19th of February in Bucharest. After a very nice city tour, APRA had arranged for a rendezvous with its members in a restaurant. The atmosphere and company was very good, and important contacts were made, renewed and strengthened. The following day ECMA presented an overview of its activities to the members of APRA and a press conference was organised afterwards for the Romanian trade press. ECMA is following the market developments and moves east to the emerging markets like Romania and Poland, and contacts were also established with Russian and Bulgarian converters.

On the 25th of February the Marketing and Communications Committee held their meeting in Birmingham. Afterwards they were joined by the members of BPIF Cartons, who had come together for a presentation of the activities and objectives of ECMA. Of course there was also a social programme, which included a very nice Teppanyaki dinner. The next day BPIF Cartons launched their Cartonville project at Packaging Innovations Fair in Birmingham. This especially developed educational tool is an excellent tool to learn children about cartons and our industry.   

For ECMA it’s important to meet up with the national associations on a regular base to exchange ideas and initiatives, to hear what is happening at the different European markets and to try to strengthen each other.