10 May 2023

ECMA and Pro Carton announcement - Public Affairs support

ECMA and Pro Carton are delighted to announce that Maria Georgiadou will start to support our Public Affairs efforts in Brussels commencing 1st June 2023.

Maria has worked in Public Affairs for over 5 years and has been with the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI) since 2021, currently as their Recycling Manager. In this new job-sharing role with CEPI – ECMA – Pro Carton, Maria will focus, in particular, on tracking the Packaging & Packaging Waste Regulation and ensuring our interests are represented at the regular outreach meetings in Brussels, as we seek, in line with our colleagues in Fibre Packaging Europe, to influence the EU packaging policy debate.

Maria, who is based at the CEPI offices in Avenue Louise, Brussels will become our ‘eyes and ears’ in Brussels and provide regular updates to our members as the current raft of packaging policies navigate their way through the Brussels legislature.

Download the full announcement here.