2 March 2022

MLPS - Print on Demand - Position Paper & Fact Bank

MLPS (Medical Leaflets=Patient Safety) have released Positions Paper & a Fact Bank concerning ‘Print on Demand’ of pharma paper information leaflets.

During our outreach meetings with policymakers, the option of ‘Print of Demand’ of pharma information leaflets has been mentioned several times, whereby those patients who require a paper information leaflet, can ask the pharmacist to print the leaflet – accordingly this new Paper outlines our position and the increased risk associated with Printing on Demand.

For information, we recently met with the BEUC who defend the interests of European consumers – they were fully aligned with our defence of paper information leaflets, and we have agreed to collaborate over the coming months. The BEUC are a large and influential Brussels based NGO and will be a useful partner for us.

Please use our Position Papers in your own company’s defence of paper information leaflets. You can download them below: