18 August 2020

You are invited: The 2020 Carton E-vent & Awards

The 2020 Carton E-vent & Awards will be a 2.5 hour event, professionally staged and presented live via a variety of media platforms, from The Awards Centre in Vienna with the presentations starting at 15.00 CET, although we suggest you get there earlier to see what else we have in store… for the very first time in our associations’ history, everyone can be part of the biggest celebration of the best of the Carton industry.

You can learn more about The 2020 Carton E-vent & Awards at the E-vent website and you can register using the following link.

Recognising how the Covid-19 pandemic has made 2020 such a challenging year for so many people, we have aligned with the United Nations Refugee Agency and their work supporting communities ravaged by coronavirus; ECMA and Pro Carton will be making a donation to the UNHCR from the proceeds of the October E-vent.

We are looking forward to welcoming to The 2020 Carton E-vent & Awards, ECMA and Pro Carton members as well as all those interested in marketing, packaging and design - brand owners, retailers, students, teachers, journalists, designers and sustainability enthusiasts.

Thank you to the sponsors listed below, that have made the organisation of this event possible.