European Carton Prospects 2014 (updated in 2016)

In cooperation with NOA-PRISM the European Carton Prospects will be completely renewed in 2019 and will contain detailed examinations of the European Folding Carton market

The ECMA European Carton Prospects 2014 contains the following information in 160 pages:

  • A  5-year look ahead for European Carton Makers and other stakeholders.
  • Statistical data drawn from multiple sources (e.g. ECMA National Associations),
    the NOA-PRISM database and other published data sources.
  • Economic forecasts from EIU/Alacra, Moody & IMF (World Economic Outlook).
  • Plus over 50 interviews from within the industry.

Download the Table of Contents 
In 2016 the report has been updated, you can download the Table of Contents here.

In 2019 a new version will be presented during the ECMA Annual Congress in Malta.